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Former Celgene CEO Bob Hugin, the Republican nominee for United States Senator from New Jersey

Super PAC slams Hugin ad

Leadership Alliance says Hugin wants to distract from his own record

By David Wildstein, October 17 2018 3:14 pm

Bob Hugin is making up lies about Bob Menendez to distract from his own record of gouging cancer patients, a super PAC that opposes Hugin’s election to the United States Senate is alleging.

“No wonder that Bob Hugin sides with lies told by the Castro regime over independent fact checkers,” said Leadership Alliance executive director Julie Roginsky. “He has devoted his career to siding against the interests of New Jerseyans – whether it is serving as a messenger for a hostile foreign government or pocketing tens of millions in profits at the expense of cancer patients who could not afford his life-saving medication unless they paid through the nose.”

The super PAC said that the Washington Post criticized Hugin today for making false claims in their TV ad, giving it “four Pinocchios,” their worst rating for false statements in a campaign ad.

“New Jersey residents deserve a senator who will stand up for them and they certainly deserve a senate candidate who won’t resort to parroting foreign propaganda in a desperate ploy to get elected,” Roginsky said.

Leadership Alliance was founded by Donald Scarinci, a politically influential New Jersey lawyer who has been friends with Menendez since high school.

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