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Republican congressional candidate Peter DeNeufville

State allows DeNeufville to use Reagan slogan

Webber sought to block move

By David Wildstein, April 10 2018 10:46 pm

New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way says that since Ronald Reagan is dead, GOP congressional candidate Peter DeNeufville is free to use the 40th president’s name in his campaign slogan.

The front runner for the Republican nomination, Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains), had challenged DeNeufville’s ability to run under the “New Jersey Reagan Republican” slogan because state law does not allow the use of a persons name in a slogan without consent.

“Here, the plain meaning of the word ‘person’ is “a living human being,” Way wrote, referencing Webster’s II New College Dictionary.  “Assuming the name Reagan refers to former President Ronald Reagan, the use of the Reagan name by candidate de Neufville is permitted because former President Reagan is deceased and therefore is not a “person” within the meaning of the statute.”

Webber is a longtime Reagan aficionado and founder of New Jersey Reagan Day.

Final Decision- Webber vs. De Neufville
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4 thoughts on “State allows DeNeufville to use Reagan slogan

  1. The Secretary of State for a leftist Governor who clearly bought an election siding with another candidate who has made it apparent he will try to buy an election. No surprises here.

  2. Jay the Secretary of State for our leftist Governor should want you as the nominee since there’s zero chance you could win in a General Election even if Mao himself were running against you… that is unless you think voters want to send a washed up Trenton loser politician, who has done nothing for his district to Congress. By the time President Reagan was your age he had already had a successful film, radio and TV career and had been elected to be President of SAG. He wasn’t working as a part time hack in Trenton or as a two bit lawyer trying to evict vulnerable seniors from their nursing homes.

  3. Neither Anthony Ghee nor Peter De Neufville can win a general election. Ghee is clearly a liberal who doesn’t give Republicans a reason to vote and De Neufville is a Chris Christie donor, voters don’t want another Chris Christie. Jay Webber built a successful small business on his own and has been leading the fight against the far left agenda Peter De Neufville funded. Mr. De Neufville has never had to worry about making a mortage payment, affording health insurance, or saving for that new car. It’s good for Mr. De Neufville that he has family money to throw around in a primary he probably won’t win, but CD11 Republicans deserve a conservative who both shares our values and uunderstands our concerns, Jay Webber is that candidate.

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