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Rep. Mikie Sherill (D-Montclair) Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Star-Ledger endorses Sherrill

Webber expected this, declined to be interviewed

By David Wildstein, October 22 2018 8:48 am

The Star-Ledger has endorsed Democrat Mikie Sherrill for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district, saying that Republican Jay Webber is an extremist and that Sherill “is a centrist who knows her district is neither blur nor red.”

ay Webber has been doing his best to cast Democrat Mikie Sherrill, his opponent for the 11th District seat in Congress, as the dark, fire-breathing radical in this race. But in reality, he is the fringe candidate,” the editorial board wrote. “This is not just because of her sterling background as a Navy veteran, helicopter pilot and federal prosecutor, or sensible defense of our health care coverage or gun safety, a good fit for the northern suburbs of our state.”

The editorial slams Webber on abortion, guns, health care, gay conversion therapy, and his acceptance of an endorsement by Arkansas U.S. Senator Tom Cotton.

“It’s also Webber’s bear hug of President Donald Trump and a Republican Party that’s careened to the far right, along with Webber’s alarming record in New Jersey, where he’s been a strict ideologue in the state Legislature, that show he’s far too extreme for this district,” the editorial said.

Webber, a six-term assemblyman, predicted on Friday that the Star-Ledger would endorse Sherrill.  He said he would not participate in an interview with them and not seek their endorsement, suggesting that the newspaper had already made up its mind.

“Webber’s been trying to distract from all this by lighting other brushfires. He blatantly lied when he accused Sherrill of saying she wants to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. She does not, and never has. She’s worked closely with Homeland Security, and agrees that we must enforce our laws, but humanely,” the editorial board said.   Yet Webber still won’t concede this. Instead, he points to a speaker at a June rally against family separations who took the podium after Sherrill left, and a few ‘radical’ protesters carrying signs. Please.”

The New York Times endorsed Sherrill on Sunday.

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One thought on “Star-Ledger endorses Sherrill

  1. You completely forgot to mention that the Star-Ledger has accused me of being mentally ill, and hearing voices in my head! I do NOT hear any voices except for the voice of God, who is 100% on my side in NJ-11. He’s talking to me right now in fact.

    What? You don’t say! Wow.

    Now God is telling me that there will be a huge flood in NJ-11 if Mikil Sherrill is elected. Vote wisely people. Thousands of lives could be at risk!

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