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U.S. Senator Bob Menendez. Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Star-Ledger endorses Menendez

‘the central issue in this race is Donald Trump

By David Wildstein, October 28 2018 8:50 am

The Star-Ledger has endorsed Bob Menendez for re-election to the U.S. Senate, saying that “Menendez has his flaws, but when he says he is a fighter for New Jersey, and against Trump, he’s telling the truth”

“Both candidates are slippery characters, even by Washington standards,” the editorial board wrote.  “Our hope is that voters remember that Trump is on the ballot, that they choke down their reluctance and vote for Menendez. He’s no gem, but he’s better than Hugin.”

The Star-Ledger slapped Menendez on ethics and beat up on Hugin for jacking up the cost of life-saving cancer drugs and for paying $280 million to settle a lawsuit that the pharmaceutical company he led concealed side effects of that drug.

“The secret of this campaign is that Hugin knows very little about public policy. Dig beyond the sound bites, and he seems lost,” the newspaper said.  “Hugin is asking for a seat in the U.S. Senate, and has no fluency on any of these meaty issues. He is a newcomer to politics, and he hasn’t done his homework.”

The bigger problem for the Star-Ledger editorial board is Hugin’s close ties to President Trump.

“Many Republicans felt duty-bound to support Trump in 2016, but Hugin charged to the front of the parade and waved the flag,” the Star-Ledger said.

They cited Hugin’s personal contributions – more than $200,000 – to the “Trump cause” and his strong involvement in helping to put Trump in the White House.

The editorial board had no problem with Menendez’s voting record.

“During his long career in state and federal politics, his colleagues in both parties have consistently ranked him as highly effective. He’s produced concrete results on parochial issues like securing help for Sandy victims, and on weighty national issues like health care and immigration,” said the newspaper.  “Menendez helped draft Obamacare and has fought hard against relentless Republican efforts to weaken it, including its protections for people with pre-existing conditions like cancer or diabetes.”

“When you get past ethics, the central issue in this race is Donald Trump. The question is which candidate can best fight Trump’s toxic policies, his grotesque appeals to racial and ethnic tribalism, and his corrosive attacks on the pillars of our democracy, starting with the rule of law,” the Star-Ledger said?  “That makes this an easy decision: Menendez is the better choice, by far. He has our endorsement.”

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2 thoughts on “Star-Ledger endorses Menendez

  1. The Star Ledger had every opportunity to showcase the clear and compelling differences between two candidates in the Democratic primary election. The decided not to do that.

    The state’s paper of record could have delved into both GOP contenders, as well. I am confident that most people are not able to identify Brian Goldberg as Hugin’s primary opponent because the Ledger kept him a secret, too.

    Reading the editorial endorsement of Senator Bob Menendez makes one wonder whether Tom Moran thinks we are all stupid or forgetful, because having two poor choices is largely the fault of our negligent media led by the Star Ledger.

  2. “When you get past the Ethics..” how do you get passed the Ethics issue? The bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee report says that Menendez took Bribes in exchange for constituency services to a man who was later convicted of fraud. The NY Times called for Menendez to resign even before the criminal trial started. With this, The Ledger has become just platform for Democratic talking points…

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