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Rep. Tom Malinowski. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

Star-Ledger endorses Malinowski

Says Lance votes with Trump 87% of the time

By David Wildstein, October 26 2018 8:55 am

The Star-Ledger has endorsed Tom Malinowski for Congress in New Jersey’s 7th district, saying that incumbent Rep. Leonard Lance (R-Clinton) has voted with President Donald Trump 87% of the time.

“This is not about the quality of the man’s soul. No one can summon an unkind word about this model of forbearance from Hunterdon County,” the editorial board wrote. “But the paradigm for choosing our representatives has changed, and we can no longer afford effete lawmakers who feed Trump’s dogmatic arrogance.”

Lance has been unable to move the House Republicans toward the center – a role he claims he plays in Washington, the Star-Ledger said.

The newspaper praised Malinowski’s experience working at the National Security Council and as Barack Obama’s Assistant U.S. Secretary of State.

“He has the gravitas to lead on issues that matter to New Jersey,” the Star-Ledger said.

Malinowski is the third Democrat seeking to flip a Republican House seat in New Jersey to win the Star-Ledger’s backing.  The newspaper has already endorsed Mikie Sherrill in the 11th and Andy Kim in the 3rd.

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One thought on “Star-Ledger endorses Malinowski

  1. The Republican party is owned by the South and Midwest farm states. It has sold its soul to the NRA. Lance does nothing much for NJ, and he votes with Trump 90% of the time. W was thought by historians to be the worst POTUS ever. Now he is smiling, and everyone knows why.

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