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Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Sherrill breaks fundraising record; has raised $7 million for House race

11th district Democrat raises $2.7 million in 3rd quarter

By David Wildstein, October 08 2018 10:14 am

Democrat Mikie Sherrill has raised $2.7 million in the third quarter and a total of $7 million so far in her bid to flip New Jersey’s 11th district from red to blue.  She has $2.6 million cash-on-hand for the final 30 days of her campaign for Congress against Republican Jay Webber, a five-term Assemblyman.

Sherrill, a retired U.S. Navy pilot and federal prosecutor, has now set and broken the New Jersey fundraising record for congressional candidates.  She brought in $1.1 million in the first quarter and $1.9 million in the second.

“I am humbled by the support our campaign has received as we head into the final month of this race,” said Sherrill. “Our community is ready for a Representative who will work hard to improve the quality of life for our residents, and the continued support for our vision of new leadership that puts people over politics is inspiring.”

The seat has been held by Republicans for the last 34 years.   Republican Rodney Frelinghuysen is retiring after 24 years in Congress.

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One thought on “Sherrill breaks fundraising record; has raised $7 million for House race

  1. I’m disappointed that this story does not bother to break down WHERE each candidate’s donations are coming from. I’m further disappointed that there is no acknowledgement of the other two candidates in the NJ11 House race.

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