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New Webber ad attacks Sherrill over Pelosi

By Nikita Biryukov, October 06 2018 6:29 pm

Assemblyman Jay Webber’s campaign launched a new ad Saturday attempting to link Mikie Sherrill to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The ad uses comments Sherrill made to a group of retirees in Pompton Plains last week in which she called Pelosi one of the most effective Speakers of the House in decades and applauded the legislation Pelosi pushed through Congress.

“Think about that. Sanctuary cities. Blowing up Medicare with a radical scheme costing trillions. Massive tax hikes,” the ad’s announcer says. “Montclair Mikie. A Pelosi liberal behind closed doors. She’ll be a Pelosi liberal in Washington.”

Earlier this week, Sherrill said she thought Democrats needed new leadership in Washington regardless of how effective Pelosi had been.

In May, Sherrill was among the first of New Jersey’s House candidates to say she would not vote Pelosi into a leadership role.

“I think she’s been very effective. I just think we need new leadership in Washington,” Sherrill said earlier this week. “You can’t keep doing the same thing and hoping for different results, so I really do think that we have got to break the partisan gridlock in Washington. And I think to do that, we are going to need to bring in new leadership, and I don’t think you can say ‘I think we need new leadership except for the very top.’”

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