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U.S. Senator Bob Menendez. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

Menendez raises $300k for 2024 campaign

Democrat holds two records for New Jersey U.S. Senate candidates

By David Wildstein, October 15 2019 6:28 pm

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, who still has five more years left in his term, raised $72,857 during the last three months.

Menendez has raised $299,287 in 2019 and has $276,791 cash-on-hand, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Commission.

In his bid for re-election last year, Menendez raised $9,579,191 and against a self-funder who spent $39,2361 111 set a record for the most votes received by a New Jersey U.S. Senate candidate in a mid-term election.

Menendez won a third term in the Senate by a 54.0%-42.8% margin – a plurality of 354,299 votes – over Republican Bob Hugin.

Menendez received 1,711,654 votes statewide.  That was just 274,129 less votes than he received in 2012, a presidential election year.

He also holds the records for the most votes received by a Senate candidate in a presidential year.

Hugin received 1,357,355 votes.  Despite losing by eleven points, Hugin now sits in second place for the most total votes won by a U.S. Senate candidate in a mid-term election.  In losing, Hugin got more votes than any other winning Senate candidate from New Jersey, except for Menendez.

Menendez won massive margins in Essex, Hudson, Union, Middlesex, Camden, Bergen and Mercer counties.

He won Essex by 140,531 votes, 76.5%-21.1%.  To put that in some perspective, Cory Booker won Essex by 76,945 in 2014.

Menendez carried Hudson by 96,093 (76.3%-20.8%), Union by 57,179 (64.2%-33.1%), Middlesex by 50,042 (58.2%-38.6%), Camden by 49,858 (61.8%-34.6%), Bergen by 41,829 (54.7%-42.5%), and Mercer by 39,548 (63.7%-32.5%).

Passaic County went for Menendez by a 57.8%-39.1% margin (27,860 votes), while Burlington backed the incumbent Senator by a 52.8%-44.0% margin (16,509).  Menendez also won Somerset County by 8,986 votes (51.7%-45.1%).

Menendez won Cumberland County by 142 votes, 48.3%-47.9%.  Election night results had Hugin winning there.  Hugin spent part of the Sunday before the election in Cumberland.

Hugin won ten counties, just one more than Jeff Bell carried in 2014.

Hugin scored a big win in Ocean County, carrying it by 66,305 votes (63.3%-33.7%).  The Republican carried Monmouth by 28,245 (53.8%-43.0%), Morris by 21,020 (53.4%-43.6%), Sussex by 17,491 (62.0%-33.2%), Hunterdon by 11,293 (57.2%-39.3%), and Warren by 9,905 (60.0%-35.6%).

In South Jersey, Hugin scored some wins.  He received 61% in Cape May County – his highest percentage in the state, carrying it by 10,268 votes.  He won Atlantic by a narrow 48.8%-47.4% margin (1,337 votes), Gloucester by a 49.8%-46.4% margin (3,787 votes), and Salem by a 57.5%-38% margin (4,627 votes).

Gloucester were the only counties that went for Booker in 2014 and Hugin in 2016.  Menendez flipped Somerset.

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