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Amy Kennedy
House Candidate Amy Kennedy.

Kennedy hits Van Drew over rally costs

Trump campaign reportedly barred Wildwood mayor and refused to pay cleanup costs

By Nikita Biryukov, January 30 2020 4:30 pm

House candidate Amy Kennedy attacked Rep. Jeff Van Drew over the cost of the Wildwood rally President Donald Trump held Tuesday.

“The taxpayers of Wildwood shouldn’t be forced to pay up for a political rally for Van Drew, and it’s outrageous that their supposed representative would allow that to happen,” Kennedy said. “Jeff Van Drew abandoned the voters of his district first when he decided to pledge his ‘undying support’ for Donald Trump, and again when he made them (literally) pay for that decision.”

Trump’s campaign paid $7,600 to rent the Wildwood Convention Center, where the rally was held, but it isn’t footing the bill for other costs related to the rally, including those for the cleanup of trash left by the event’s attendees.

Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron was reportedly barred from the event for requesting that a local Republican Club reimburse the town for some of the rally’s costs.

“This rally was clearly a showcase for Van Drew and Trump’s GOP supporters,” Kennedy said. “There is no reason for South Jersey taxpayers to foot the bill. If Trump won’t do his yes-man a favor and cover the costs of the rally, then Van Drew’s campaign must own up and pay Wildwood back. It’s irresponsible to use taxpayer dollars so selfishly.”

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