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President Donald Trump with Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin

Hugin touts support for Trump

In GOP strongholds, Senate candidate uses president to seek vote-by-mail support

By David Wildstein, September 08 2018 1:09 am

Bob Hugin has kept his distance from President Donald Trump, billing himself as a “different kind of Republican” – a more moderate one — as he seeks a seat in the United States Senate.

But Hugin is now touting his support of Trump in an effort to get targeted Republican households to vote-by-mail (VBM) as they seek to increase turnout in GOP counties for the midterm elections.

Campaign canvassers visited households in Ocean County – one of the few Republican bastions in New Jersey – with a decidedly pro-Trump message.

Bob Hugin “will work with President Trump and always put New Jersey first,” while saying that incumbent Bob Menendez “opposes President Trump on everything and strongly supported Hillary Clinton.”

The VBM application says that Hugin “will vote to confirm Supreme Court nominees that pledge to uphold and enforce the law, and respect the constitution.”  Hugin has said he supports the confirmation of Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, and would have voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch.

Hugin has avoided questions about whether he’ll ask Trump to campaign for him and downplays his White House connections – he was Trump’s state finance chairman in 2016 and a major campaign donor.

“I think it’s New Jersey first. I support President Trump in every way when he’s something that’s good for New Jersey, and I’ll fight anybody doing anything that’s not good for New Jersey,” Hugin told the New Jersey Globe before the Republican primary in June. “There’s lots of things with the president that I support, and there are many things that I don’t support that aren’t good for New Jersey.”

In television ads, Hugin has said he is pro-choice and a supporter of same-sex marriage and equal pay for women.

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  1. Just curious if hugin as PHrma spokeshole espouses the former Roche executive and PHrma president Stephen g Sudovar :
    “pay me what i want or i will let you die”
    Profits over people mentality?

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