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Rep. Jeff Van Drew.

Dem county chairs demand Van Drew return donations

Congressman moving to the GOP

By Nikita Biryukov, December 17 2019 12:23 pm

Eight South Jersey Democratic County chairs demanded Rep. Jeff Van Drew return donations made by Democrats

“Let’s not mince words. Congressman Jeff Van Drew must return contributions he received since his ‘NO’ vote on President Trump’s impeachment inquiry since he was capitalizing on his relationships with Democrats while planning all along to switch parties,” they said in a joint statement.

On Saturday, the New Jersey Globe reported Van Drew’s chief of staff had begun informing members of his campaign and congressional staffs that he intended to join the Republican party.

The eight Democratic county chairs — Atlantic’s Michael Suleiman, Cape May’s Brendan Sciarra, Cumberland’s Steven Errickson, Salem’s Steve Caltabiano, Gloucester’s Fred Madden, Camden’s Jim Beach, Burlington’s Joe Andl and Ocean’s Wyatt Earp — slammed the first-term congressman, claiming he took money from Democrats while planning his party switch.

“In recent weeks, Van Drew has talked out both sides of his mouth — telling many of us he wanted to remain a Democrat while pitching Republicans at the same time on a party switch. He wanted his cake and eat it too. Make no mistake about it, a clear field was never going to happen,” they said. “His refusal to do the right thing would only prove he’s nothing more than a Bernie Madoff-style con artist stealing other people’s money in a scheme to fill his campaign coffers.”

On Saturday, roughly an hour before news of his party switch broke, Van Drew sent out an email publicizing a fundraiser for the state’s five vulnerable Democratic House members hosted by Gov. Phil Murphy and U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez.

“Shameless Van Drew showed he lacked the courage to stand up for the American people and our U.S. Constitution when he officially became a Trump Republican,” the chairs said. “It’s time for Van Drew to man up and do the right thing for once and return every dime he received since he sold us out.”

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