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Camden GOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino. (Photo: Rich Ambrosino).

Camden GOP: Van Drew will need to ‘screen like everyone else’

Ambrosino said progressives drove congressman out of the Democratic Party

By David Wildstein, December 16 2019 8:38 am

Progressives drove Jeff Van Drew out of the Democratic Party, according to Camden County Republican Chairman Richard Ambrosino.

“I guess attempting to infiltrate our municipal campaigns, at least one Assembly campaign and calling our elected officials and offering ‘help against Norcross’ wasn’t enough,” Ambrosino said.  “Progressive Democrats like Sue Altman and Judy Amorosa had to up the ante by driving Congressman Jeff Van Drew out of the Democratic party.”

Camden has just one municipality in the 2nd district, Waterford, and Ambrosino says that Van Drew has no lock on his support.

“If Van Drew wants the line, he’ll have to screen like everyone else,” the county chairman said.

Ambrosino says he wants to see “what kind of Republican Jeff Van Drew will be after he makes his party switch official.”

“But one thing is clear, it’s going to take more than his stance on impeachment to convince the rank-and-file,” Ambrosino said. “I look forward to seeing the Congressman at many fundraisers.”

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2 thoughts on “Camden GOP: Van Drew will need to ‘screen like everyone else’

  1. Do not Trust his as far as we can throw him
    While it’s good he is standing up against this Coup he hadn’t voiced anything till they went full blast and after the election where he see’s he has strong chance of losing his seat in the election
    it’s not the first time a Norcrat has switched sides to keep a seat for the machine

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