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Sen. Bob Menendez at an election-day canvass launch in Cherry Hill. (Photo by Nikita Biryukov)

400 attend Menendez Camden canvass launch

Norcross machine in full swing

By Nikita Biryukov, November 06 2018 10:24 am

Rep. Donald Norcross’s get-out-the-vote machine is working at full throttle.

A crowd of close to 400 made up of mostly union workers turned out for a canvass launch in Cherry Hill amid worsening rains Tuesday Morning. Their goal was a simple one, make sure U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez wins reelection.

“His opponent is a rich guy. We know how that works. They’re trying to buy the election. They’re trying to tarnish the guy’s reputation,” Senate President Sweeney, who is a high-ranking official in the iron workers’ union, said, referring to Bob Hugin, who has put $36 million of his own money into the senate race. “We’ve never had a better fighter than Bob Menendez, and we ain’t giving that god damn seat up.”

Trite as it is to say, Tuesday’s election will be decided by turnout, and that means Menendez will need voters to turn out Camden and Democratic strongholds like it, where the lack of competitive House and local races might cause voters to stay home.

It’s fortunate for Menendez that a number of those strongholds, like Union City, from which both Menendez and Hugin hail, boast some of the best turnout operations in the state.

A fair portion of the speeches given by Norcross, Sweeney and Menendez focused on the tax cuts Republicans passed last year, with particular focus given the to distributions of those cuts, which favored high-earners.

“Today is our day to take our country back. Today is our day to go after them since they’ve been coming after us. Today is our day to ultimately change the course of events,” Menendez said. “I don’t know about you, but when I want to move forward, I put my car into D for Democrat and I drive into the future. When I want to go backwards, I put it into R for Republican and go backwards. I don’t want to go backwards.”

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