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Major ballot mishap in Passaic County

Poll books don’t include signatures of new voters

By David Wildstein, November 06 2018 11:02 am

Update: El-Abd says the error was made by a printer who was contracted to print the poll books, and that the number of voters affected are minimal.  She said a Superior Court Judge ruled today that a voter who can show a government-issued photo ID may vote on the machines, even if the signature is not available in the book.

There are reports from Passaic County that a mistake with the printing of poll books left out signatures for at least 7,000 newly-registered voters, and possibly others, according to a local elections source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Superintendent of Elections & Commissioner of Registration Sherine El-Abd has asked the county clerk’s office to print an additional 21,000 provisional ballots as a result of the mishap.

“We’re looking into the situation right now,” said El-Abd, who declined further comment.

Eight Passaic County towns are in New Jersey’s 11th district, where Republican assemblyman Jay Webber and Democrat Mikie Sherrill are locked in a close race for an open congressional seat.  The mistake could also impact the race for Passaic County Clerk

Editor’s Note: This story was updated to include comment from El-Abd.

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One thought on “Major ballot mishap in Passaic County

  1. Neat trick, plausable deniability on behalf of re Republican official.
    Georgia has nothing on NJ this morning.

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