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Sherrill to attend Bhimani-Draeger campaign launch

By Nikita Biryukov, November 20 2018 2:34 pm

Rep.-elect Mikie Sherrill will attend Lisa Bhimani and Darcy Draeger’s campaign launch next week, giving a boost to the two women trying to take out Assemblyman Anthony Bucco, who could challenge Sherrill in 2020.

Though Bucco chose not to run in 2018, he created an exploratory committee earlier this year and is a strong Republican contender for the position.

The latter point changes if Bhimani or Draeger manage to unseat him, though they’ll likely have to win both of the 25th legislative district’s seats to do so.

Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll is not seeking reelection and is instead running for Morris County Surrogate. Republicans have yet to select a successor.

Sherrill could have less politically-motivated reasons for the appearance. Bhimani was something of a fixture on Sherrill’s campaign trail, and she could just be repaying the favor.

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4 thoughts on “Sherrill to attend Bhimani-Draeger campaign launch

  1. Rebecca Sherrill has very little connection to New Jersey or the 11th C.D. Jay should have made a better point of this fact. Ms. Sherrill has taken an extraordinary amount of money from interests outside of the 11th and outside of New Jersey. Jay should have made a better point of this fact.

    1. I think the challenge for the GOP is appealing to suburban voters, particularly suburban female voters, in places like LD25 and CD11. I think Jay Webber ran an extraordinarily effective campaign; he had a lot of grassroots support and focused on the economy and need to keep taxes and regulations to a minimum in order to continue to grow our economy. The problem is that a lot of special interest groups threw a ton of money into the race on Mikie Sherrill’s behalf. Also, Donald Trump’s low approval rating, which I believe is due to his Tweeting and policies on trade and immigration, hurt Webber and other Republicans. My hope is that Morris County Sheriff Jim Gannon runs against Sherrill. Gannon has a compelling story, a great resume, a record of accomplishment, cares about public service, and appeals to everyone regardless of political party. Gannon is also uniquely positioned to speak about issues that matter in people’s lives on a daily basis; he’s balanced budgets, worked to combat the opioid abuse epidemic, and understands the needs of the business community having spent 8 years working for a major corporation in NJ-11. The GOP should stop with the wedge issues and focus instead on issues people talk about around their kitchen tables. Let the Democrats create imaginary problems.

      1. Gannon is a poor candidate with a lot of baggage: just watch videos of his appearances at Tea Party meetings as one of many online examples and you can see why he will never be viable for a larger office in this century: his attitudes -and demeanor- are a holdover from years largely and thankfully gone by. His speeches are ready-made opposition ads and his record won’t bring centrist repubs, never mind independents or democrats.

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