MacArthur: Legalized marijuana would be a ‘terrible mistake’

While some of New Jersey’s congressional delegates support state Democrats’ plans to legalize recreational marijuana, Rep. Tom MacArthur thinks it would be a potentially-lethal mistake. “I think it's a terrible mistake. It's a risk we do not need to be taking,” MacArthur said at a press conference on in Burlington City on Monday. “I understand that marijuana may have some medical use, and I'm certainly ok with using it in

Sweeney: SIC nominees could be confirmed in time for September meeting

Phil Murphy’s nominees to the State Investment Council have been in limbo since the governor announced the eight would-be members in April, but while the lack of a full compliment forced the Council to cancel its July meeting, Senate President Steve Sweeney indicated that they could be confirmed in time for the meeting at the end of this month. “I gotta look at them first, but we'll make sure they

Sweeney takes a victory lap

Senate President Steve Sweeney took a couple of victory laps on Tuesday, celebrating the passage of his school funding formula by touring two schools that will see considerable bumps to the amount of state funds they receive. “It's actually a great feeling because we're starting to balance the scale again, and getting to a point where we treat all kids equally,” Sweeney said when asked about how he felt about

Gopal raises $50k for Senate Democrats

State Sen. Vin Gopal (D-Long Branch) raised over $50,000 for the Senate Democratic Majority PAC last night, a move that will help the freshman senator establish clout within his caucus. The fundraiser, which mostly-tapped donors from Monmouth County, honored Senate President Steve Sweeney and State Sen. Joseph Lagana (D-Paramus). Lagana, appointed to fill a vacant Senate seat earlier this year, is running in a November special election. Gopal was elected

Steinhardt jabs Murphy with fiscal panel findings

New Jersey Republicans are seizing on the findings released by a bipartisan fiscal panel last week that recommended cost-cutting changes to public pensions and school districts, including merging some of the latter, to attack their colleagues across the aisle. Senate President Steve Sweeney has so far backed the panel’s findings, though he did so with a degree of reluctance. And despite some hiccups that saw the Gov. Phil Murphy’s office