Cryan, Sweeney introduce bills to aid furloughed federal workers

Senate President Steve Sweeney and State Sen. Joe Cryan are pushing a pair of bills, introduced Tuesday, to aid federal workers furloughed by the ongoing shutdown of the federal government. “The lives and livelihoods of our federal workers have been disrupted by a shutdown that is cutting off the paychecks they need to support themselves and their families,” Cryan said. “President Trump’s senseless crusade to build a wall along our

Murphy solicited funds for New Direction NJ

Gov. Phil Murphy said he has previously solicited funds for a non-profit run by his former campaign aides. “Soliciting money for New Direction New Jersey in my life? Yes,” Murphy said when asked if he had helped raise funds for the group. He said he had done so while serving as governor. While federal law prohibits officials from coordinating with independent expenditures made by such groups, Murphy is not barred

Murphy, Sweeney swear in Evesham officials

Newly-elected Evesham Democratic officials were sworn in by some of New Jersey’s top Democrats Wednesday. Gov. Phil Murphy swore in Mayor Jaclyn Veasy and Councilwoman Patricia Hansen. Senate President Steve Sweeney swore in Councilwoman Heather Cooper, whom the council elected to be deputy mayor. “This is one of the most consequential communities in our state, both in its size, it's heft -- it punches above its weight,” Murphy said. “Not

Sweeney: Special Committee investigation will take as long as it takes

Senate President Steve Sweeney on Wednesday said the Special Committee on Oversight’s investigation into the hiring of Al Alvarez could run past the end of February, a soft deadline set by committee co-chair Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, “You can't predetermine what comes out of an investigation. you've got to let the investigation take its course, and if it gets done early, it's done early. If it takes a little