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Statement of New Jersey Citizen Action

By NJG Press Releases, June 17 2019 4:02 pm

New Jersey Citizen Action today released the following statement in response to the advancement of a State Budget bill from the New Jersey Senate Budget committee. The budget was advanced without being made available to the general public first, and without an opportunity for the general public to comment on the legislation. The State Assembly is expected to advance similar legislation shortly.

“By rushing this budget through committee, legislators robbed New Jerseyans of a chance to examine and comment on legislation that will have a profound impact on nearly 9 million lives,” said Dena Mottola-Jaborska, Associate Director for New Jersey Citizen Action. “Lawmakers should never push through critical legislation without a chance for the general public to debate its merits and flaws, much less the state’s fiscal 2020 budget.  If the Assembly Budget Committee takes similar action both chambers will have weakened the people’s voice and our democracy in this state.”

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