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Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains)

Webber seeks to draw Sherrill into Murphy budget war

Shades of Whitman vs. Bradley after Florio tax hike

By David Wildstein, June 18 2018 12:26 pm

As New Jersey’s Democratic governor and legislative leaders duke it out over the state budget, the Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district wants Democrat Mikie Sherrill to say if taxes are too high or should they be higher.

Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains) wants to link Sherrill to Gov. Phil Murphy, especially if Democrats end up voting for tax increases before or after a state government shutdown.
“The question is actually quite simple, and it demands an answer,” Webber said.  “Does Mikie believe that our state sales, income, and business taxes are too high already, or should they be higher?”

Webber might be taking a page out of Christine Todd Whitman’s playbook.  Running for the U.S. Senate in 1990, Whitman hammered safe-seat Sen. Bill Bradley for refusing to take a position on Gov. Jim Florio’s tax hike.  Bradley’s silence nearly cost him his seat.

Murphy is scheduled to headline a fundraiser for Morris County Democrats on Thursday.

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10 thoughts on “Webber seeks to draw Sherrill into Murphy budget war

  1. So I have a question for Webber. Are all taxes the same, or does he support the Chris Christie playbook of shifting the burden of paying for our schools and infrasture onto the working and middle class? Does he believe in contributing to the credit downgrades New Jersey has suffered? Is he a fiscally irresponsible “spend-but-don’t-pay-the-bills” politician, or does he actually have a plan for raising the revenue New Jersey needs to pay for basics like education? Does he actually support any plan that would bring property tax relief to his overtaxed constituents, or does he only like to pretend to help them and hope they are sufficiently bad at math not to see through his tricks. I see a lot of anti-tax blather come out of his mouth, but very little in terms of actually helping those he represents.

    1. The above poster appears to be confused, so let me try and correct the record. Phil Murphy voiced support for the gas tax increase that Chris Christie, Democrats, and establishment Republicans passed in 2016. That was a tax increase that impacted millions of people, particularly middle and lower income residents and businesses. Jay Webber voted against the gas tax hike and was it’s most vocal opponent in Trenton. Jay Webber opposed bailouts, bonding without voter approval, and new debt that led to New Jersey’s eight credit downgrades. In fact, Webber sponsored legislation that will save taxpayers $120 billion over three decades by reforming the state’s pension system while protecting public sector workers. By contrast, Jay’s liberal opponent Mikie Sherill supports Obama-era policies that led to our national credit rating being downgraded under the previous presidential administration. Webber supports school funding reform that reduces property taxes and is sponsoring bi-partisan legislation that would use monies from the state’s Energy Tax Receipts Property Tax Relief Fund to provide direct property tax relief. By contrast, Ms. Sherill opposes tax cuts for millions of working families and businesses. The choice in NJ-11 is clear. If you believe in lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty, Jay Webber is your choice. If you believe in the failed policies of the previous presidential administration that led to the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression, Mikie Sherill is your choice.

  2. I’ve always been willing to pay higher taxes for our good schools and services. What I’m not willing to pay taxes for is taking children away from parents and warehousing them in cages. How about you Jay? Are you in favor of using our taxes for that?

  3. How does fiscal conservative Jay Webber feel about the Trump tax cut that blew up the federal deficit, damaged NJ property values, and did nothing for American workers all so that corporations could buy back stock and give massive bonuses to their top executives?

  4. I have several question for MY Assemblyman that blocked me on social media because I asked him questions or said things that didn’t go along with his narrative. First, what is his position on separating families at the border, putting children in cages, putting bar- coded bracelets on them, and then in some cases deporting their parents and keeping the child here? How can he claim he is pro-life when he ignores the plights of children already here? How does his anti immigrant stance align with the very tenets of the Bible he claims to be his Holy Book? How can he claim he wants to represent ALL of his constituents when he blocks us? Over 100 at this point— he should know ignoring an entire segment of his CD did not work out well for Rodney.

    Finally , as for Mr. Webber opposing the governors budget- bc the Governor wants to raise taxes on Millionaires- that is telling of who he really feels are his constituents.

  5. All of these paid Mikie Sherrill trolls blowing up blogs all over the place. Don’t believe these pro Sherrill comments on here. They are sitting at HQ on paid laptops commenting away on everything possible.

    1. Does Mikie Sherill realize she can’t hide behind left-wing talking points that her consultants crafted forever?

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