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Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains)

Webber bashes Ghee for following Obama, Clintons on Twitter

By David Wildstein

Jay Webber’s campaign for Congress says that GOP rival Antony Ghee has “revealed his true liberal political leanings by way of his Twitter page, saying that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were the only political figures Ghee followed on Twitter until they made an issue of it.

“24 hours of getting called out and exposed for his Obama and Clintons allegiances, Mr. Ghee suddenly started following a few Republicans, Republican organizations, and fake accounts for George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush,” the campaign said today.

The Webber camp says that Ghee is still following Obama and Clinton, “as well as that paragon of conservative virtue, Chuck Schumer.”

“Such a phony and cynical attempt to cover up his Clinton and Obama loyalties cannot fool Republican primary voters, and Mr. Ghee would know that if he actually were a Republican.  The cover up always ends up worse than the initial offense,” a Webber press release said. “Rather than just be honest about the liberal he is and his Obama-Clinton beliefs, Mr. Ghee will resort to naked backfills and pandering to try to make himself appear conservative.  That pretending will never work.”

The brouhaha began last Saturday, when Ghee declined to say who he voted for in the last three presidential elections at a meeting of the Passaic County GOP screening committee.  Webber said it was because he voted for Barack Obama twice and for Hillary Clinton in 2016.













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