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Ghee hits back at Webber

By David Wildstein, February 26 2018 5:35 pm

Republican congressional candidate Antony Ghee says one of the things he and Jay Webber have in common is that neither endorsed Donald Trump in 2016.

“The difference? I was a private citizen serving my country as a soldier in the Army. Jay was a sitting Assemblyman and former State GOP Chairman,” Ghee said.

Webber criticized Ghee this weekend for his refusal to say who he voted for in the last three presidential elections.  Webber believes Ghee voted for Barack Obama twice and for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Ghee, who changed his voter registration status from unaffiliated to Republican last week, says that he’s Republican enough.

“I’ve voted for Republicans for every office from top to bottom. Has Jay?  Did he even vote for his own running mate last year? The truth is that we will never know, and at this point it doesn’t matter,” Ghee says. “What’s important is the here and now. I support the President and agree with him on many of the key issues facing our nation. The back and forth on this nonsense are why people so dislike politics. It’s time to raise the level of debate in this race. Jay can join me in that or not.  It’s up to him.”

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