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Webber hits back at Sherrill

Launches strong attack against Democratic front runner

By David Wildstein, March 27 2018 4:45 pm

The two front runners for Rodney Frelinghuysen’s seat in Congress continue to trade barbs today, with Republican Jay Webber launching an afternoon attack on the front runner for the Democratic nomination, Mikie Sherrill.

The exchange started last night after Sherrill criticized Webber for being one of two legislators to vote against pay equality legislation.  Webber defending his vote this morning, causing Sherrill to double down on her condemnation of the five-term Assemblyman.  Now Webber is responding.

“Mikie Sherrill can talk about bipartisanship as soon as she does anything that is actually bipartisan.  But just as Mikie likes to talk about jobs without ever actually having created one, she likes to throw stones from the only political terrain she’s ever occupied:  an angry far-left echo chamber,” Webber said. “That’s why Mikie doesn’t know the difference between real leadership that knows when to take principled stands and when to find bipartisan agreement, and a run-with-the-pack mentality that only seeks affirmation and safety in a crowd,” said Jay Webber.

Webber also took jabs at Sherrill’s residency – and at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“The people of the 11th District — and by the way, as soon as Mikie becomes one of us, please let us know — want strong leaders who do the right thing without watching what the politicians do,” said Webber. “Mikie Sherrill has declared that she’ll blow with the Washington winds, and our citizens don’t and won’t want someone like Mikie who announces even before the election that she’ll just do whatever party leaders like Nancy Pelosi tell her to do.  That’s what has run Washington, D.C. into the ground in the first place.”

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4 thoughts on “Webber hits back at Sherrill

  1. About time we heard a well-spoken, sensible center-right candidate fire back to all the liberal garbage we hear in this state. Go Get em Jay!

    1. Weber is Far-Right not Center-Right. He has spent 5 terms in the NJ assembly doing nothing. His one attempt to elevate to the NJ Senate saw defeat after he used dog whistle racial politics on Bob Martin.

  2. Please, everyone, and especially LGBT citizens remember: Webber voted against marriage equality in 2012. not only is this not someone that I would want sitting in Congress representing me, this is not even someone that I would invite into my home or sit down at lunch with. Don’t support homophobic fascism

  3. – Jay Webber is the ALEC State Chair for NJ.
    – ALEC is a corporate bill mill disguised as a membership association of state legislators.
    – ALEC has received millions from corporate CEOs or their heirs over the years and which advance a corporate agenda through donations. 98% of ALEC’s revenue comes from corporate funding and not legislative dues.

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