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Republican State Committeeman Larry Casha

Casha hits Sherrill on impeachment

Republican challenger claims congresswoman putting politics first

By Nikita Biryukov, December 17 2019 5:43 pm

Former Kinnelon Councilman Larry Casha attacked Rep. Mikie Sherril over her support of two articles of impeachment drafted against President Donald Trump.

“In her statement, she cites her previous military service to our nation, which is to be commended, however her lack of factual justification for impeaching a President cannot be commended,” Casha, a GOP state committeeman, said. “She cites that her military service taught her to put country before politics, well voting for the impeachment of the President based upon Speaker Pelosi’s political party motivations does not demonstrate commitment to our country. It only demonstrates the exact opposite.”

The articles charge Trump with obstructing congressional probes into his conduct and with abusing the power of his office.

Trump attempted to coerce Ukraine into investigating the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, a chief political opponent, by withholding congressionally-approved military aid to the country.

“The people want progress and want leaders who will get things done — not impeachment,” Casha said. “Clearly, Representative Sherrill believes that being a member of the Democratic party, a party that spends all their time and attention on the removal of the President of the United States is more important than working for her constituents.”

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2 thoughts on “Casha hits Sherrill on impeachment

  1. Donald Trump committed crimes. He should be held accountable, thank you for standing up to power and voting for the constitution first. Casha does not speak for me.

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