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Ghee fights back against Webber attack

By David Wildstein, February 25 2018 1:55 pm

Antony Ghee is showing that he can throw a punch.

A day after Jay Webber criticized his refusal to disclose who he voted for in the last three presidential election, Ghee attacked Webber for being narrow-minded.

“If defending our country as a Major in the Army means Jay Webber is able to exercise his First Amendment rights and accuse me of ‘hiding behind the uniform’ then I’ve done my job as a soldier,” Ghee said. “But that’s the problem with Jay. It does not matter that you selflessly serve your country and embrace American values of hard work and determination, endure adversity, achieve success and experience failure. If your background is different than his, he assumes that you cannot possibly believe in conservative principles”

Ghee said that Webber’s attack is “exactly the problem in Washington today.”

“Our elected officials are unwilling to or are incapable of looking beyond the narrowness of their own tunnel vision. That is exactly why people refuse to work together within the party to achieve what is best for our country. And that is exactly why we cannot send Jay Webber to Congress to represent the people of New Jersey and in particular the good people of the 11th District.”

A hedge fund manager and U.S. Army Reserve JAG officer, Ghee entered the race last week for the seat being vacated by Rodney Frelinghuysen.  He has the support of the Essex and Passaic County Republican chairmen.

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