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Seven mayors back Mahr for County Chair

By David Wildstein, January 26 2018 3:55 pm

39 local elected officials from Union County are endorsing Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr for Democratic county chair, according to a list released by her campaign.

The list includes seven mayors: Derek Armstead (Linden),Tom Hannen (Cranford), Christine Dansereau (Roselle), Carl Hokanson (Roselle Park), Nora Radest Summit), Suzette Cavadas (Union), and Shelly Brindle (Westfield).

Jerry Green resigned as chairman this week and Union County Democrats must meet within the next four weeks to hold a special election to fill the remaining sixteen months of his term.  In the meantime, Mahr, the vice chair, is the acting county chair.

“Colleen Mahr has our unwavering support in the coming election and we have already begun organizing to fight for that outcome,” the group said in a statement

Cranford Ann Dooley Deputy Mayor
Cranford Patrick Giblin Committee
Cranford Tom Hannen Mayor
Cranford Jean Maisonneuve Committee
Fanwood Anthony Carter Councilman
Fanwood Russel Huegel Councilman
Fanwood Tom Kranz Councilman
Fanwood Erin McElroy-Barker Councilwoman
Fanwood Katherine Mitchell Councilwoman
Fanwood Jack Molenaar Council President
Garwood Marc Lazarow Councilman
Garwood Jenn Linken Blumenstock Councilwoman
Garwood Sara Todisco Councilwoman
Linden Derek Armstead Mayor
Linden Peter Brown 3rd Ward Councilman
Linden Barry Javick 2nd Ward Councilman
Linden Alfred Mohammed 4th ward Councilman
Linden Lisa Ormon 1st Ward Councilwoman
Linden Ralph Strano 7th ward Councilman
Linden Michele Yamakaitis 8th ward Councilwoman
Roselle Christine Dansereau Mayor
Roselle Denise Wilkerson Councilwoman
Roselle Park Carl Hokanson Mayor
Roselle Park Joseph Petrosky 2nd Ward Councilman
Roselle Park Michael Connelly 4th ward Councilman
Scotch Plains Rose Checchio Councilwoman
Springfield Chris Capodice Councilman
Summit Nora Radest Mayor
Summit Beth Little Councilwoman at Large
Union Suzette Cavadas Mayor
Union Joseph Florio Committee
Union Manuel Figueiredo Committee
Union Clifton People Committee
Union Michele Delisfort Committee
Westfield Shelly Brindle Mayor
Westfield David Contract Ward 3 Councilman
Westfield Mike Dardia Ward 2 Councilman
Westfield Linda Habgood Ward 1 Councilwoman
Westfield Dawn Mackey Ward 4 Councilman


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