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Mahr abandons Union County Democratic Committee

Fanwood mayor rejects organization line in re-election bid

By David Wildstein, April 06 2019 2:40 pm

Union County Democratic vice chair Colleen Mahr has rejected the organization line in her bid for re-election as the mayor of Fanwood.

Mahr lost a bid for county chairman in a 2018 special election following the death of Jerry Green and has now battling contested county committee races in Fanwood, where she is expected to seek re-election as the Democratic municipal chair.

The move clearly imperils Mahr’s chances to win re-election as county vice chair if Scutari is re-elected to a second term.

Last month, Mahr notified Union County freeholder Alexander Mirabella that she would not support his re-election to the county committee and would instead support another candidate.  Mirabella is believed to be the lone Fanwood county committeeman to vote for Senate Judiciary Committee chair Nicholas Scutari (D-Linden) for county chairman against Mahr.

The slate of county committee candidates allied with Mahr is running off the line.  Union County Democrats are backing a ticket that includes Mirabella but did not run candidates for mayor and borough council.  Instead, the county organization supported Mahr for re-election, along with her municipal office slate.

Former Fanwood councilman Kevin Boris, who is running for council again on the Mahr slate, sent an e-mail to municipal clerk Eleanor McGovern on Thursday eschewing the organization line.

“We have come to understand that the Regular Democratic Organization has chosen to directly file their bracketing letters for the RDO without consulting us,” Boris wrote on behalf of Mahr and council incumbents Katherine Mitchell and Jeffrey Banks. “We understand that while the RDO included the mayor and council candidates, the RDO did not include the Fanwood Democratic Committee’s candidates for committee members.”

Boris told McGovern that the local slate for mayor and council was rejecting the bracketing and instead would run on the rival “People First Democrats” line.

The opposition line is headed by Union County freeholder candidate Jack Molenaar, a former Fanwood councilman and the Democratic municipal vice chairman.   The slate includes candidates for the State Assembly against incumbents Linda Carter (D-Plainfield) and James Kennedy (D-Rahway).

Colleen Mahr line rejection 2019


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2 thoughts on “Mahr abandons Union County Democratic Committee

  1. Age old political story in Union County: good Democrats (Mahr and her People First group) versus bad Democrats (scutari/mirabella and their RDO ilk). We as good Democrats must police internally to root out corrupted practices, self serving, waste and abuse in our Union county govt that is controlled by scutari. Integrity, fiscal sanity and concern for all residents– our county Democratic party should support these ideals, not dismiss them.

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