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Mohamed Jalloh

Jalloh out in Union County

Staten, Palmieri-Mouded win freeholder nod

By David Wildstein

By a single vote, Union County Democrats have voted to dump Freeholder Mohamed Jalloh from their ticket and will run former Roselle Councilwoman Andrea Staten and Kim Palmieri-Mouded of Westfield on the organization line with incumbent Alex Mirabella.

Palmieri-Mouded received 15 votes, followed by 14 for Mirabella and 11 for Staten.  Jalloh received 10 votes.

Jalloh supported Colleen Mahr in her unsuccessful bid for county chairman last month against State Sen. Nicholas Scutari.  Staten and Palmieri-Mouded are Scutari supporters.

Another Scutari supporter, Bruce Bergen, is not seeking re-election to the freeholder board.

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One thought on “Jalloh out in Union County

  1. about FH jollah not getting the line: the question is as a freeholder just what did Jollah do wrong toward union county govt and the constituents. Was he caught taking money, or dissing the democrat ideology, abusing his power? He was a good democrat but suddenly he is deemed no good? The common factor that comes into play is political boss senator scutari says Jollah cant have the line. It must mean that political boss senator scutari fails at recognizing good democrats and expects that he should have bad democrats and a corrupted county govt scutari can boss over. This is bruce paterson of Garwood and with scutaris non-sensical action and obvious bent to corrupt our county govt, I demand that Scutari return the Boy Scout Eagle award he got when he was young. His actions profoundly say he does not show the merit of an Eagle Award recipient.

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