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Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

NJ computer system knocked offline; ELEC reports affected

Fire suppression system triggers early shutdown of state government

By David Wildstein, June 04 2018 12:27 pm

The entire online network for the State of New Jersey was knocked offline on Saturday when a fire suppression system activated at the state Data Center took the entire place down.

“Since then, New Jersey Office of Information Technology has been working around the clock to bring the Data Center back online as quickly as possible. The Data Center is currently 99% operational. NJOIT expects it to be fully online today,” Dan Bryan, a spokesman for Gov. Phil Murphy, told the New Jersey Globe.

NJOIT is investigating the cause of the issue.

Among the government agencies knocked offline was the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission. As a result, any campaigns trying to file their 48-hour contributor reports in accordance with state law could not do so. That should cause delays in public disclosure in the days preceding the primary election.

Campaigns will not be penalized for late filings, although there is no recourse for candidates who might have benefited through the public disclosure of their opponent’s last-minute contributions.
“Any time candidates or committees are unable to file reports due to a computer breakdown, we definitely take that into consideration before we would allege a lateness violation,” said Joseph Donohue, a spokesman for ELEC.

Most of the state online presence was back up by Sunday.


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