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ELEC reports uptick in county party fundraising

By David Wildstein, May 07 2018 10:43 am

County political parties have more cash-on-hand after the first quarter of 2018 than in previous years, according to quarterly reports filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC).

The numbers were slightly better than the 14-year average since 2005, when state pay-to-play laws reduced contributions to county parties from public contractors.

“Fundraising is 46 percent less than the average before contractor cash dried up. Spending is down 38 percent. Clearly, county parties still are having problems filling their coffers,” said Jeff Brindle, the ELEC executive director.

Brindle says that the quarterly reports show much less than the average before the pay-to-play laws were enacted.

ELEC is supporting legislation that would relax some of the limitations of county party fundraising as a way of reducing the influence of independent groups.

“Both parties have introduced bills that would enact ELEC’s suggestions. We hope legislative leaders will take up those bills this fall,” Brindle said.

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