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Lonegan: Star-Ledger is more communist than Russia

GOP candidate shares e-mails showing ‘how the sausage is made’

By David Wildstein, April 30 2018 5:02 pm

Steve Lonegan wears the opposition of the Star-Ledger to his campaign for Congress as a badge of honor.

“A shamefully obsequious John McCann knelt before the Mainstream Media today to praise their hit piece on conservative Republican Steve Lonegan.  In an editorial yesterday, the Star-Ledger’s duo of Tom Moran and Julie O’Connor delivered an attack on Lonegan that revealed their base contempt for all conservatives,” the Lonegan campaign said in a statement released today.

The campaign says that McCann, a former Cresskill councilman who is also seeking the nomination in the June primary, should defend “Lonegan against the same people who trash President Donald Trump on an almost daily basis.”

Lonegan provided the New Jersey Globe with an e-mail exchange he had with Moran, the editorial page editor.  Moran informed Lonegan on Friday that the newspaper was writing an editorial calling on him to withdraw from the race and gave him fifteen minutes to respond.

“I understand you deny it. But based on the sworn testimony of others, and the fact that your own spokesman didn’t deny it yesterday, we’re saying it’s a plausible charge,” Moran wrote.   “If you have anything to add to that, all ears, but only for the next 15 minutes or so.”

Lonegan said today that the Star-Ledger getting involved in a Republican primary is “like the Russians getting involved in an American election.”

“Only the Star-Ledger is more communist than Russia,” Lonegan said.

The allegations against Lonegan were made by George Silos, a former Bogota councilman who the former mayor says “has a long history of false accusations.”

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One thought on “Lonegan: Star-Ledger is more communist than Russia

  1. Lonegan is making Roy Moore look like Reagan at this point. I don’t like the SL Ed Board either but you don’t go around with this excessive hyperbole. What votes does this bring to the table? And those of us who believed Donald Trump could be a successful conservative President from the beginning should never support Lonegan or his new friend Brian Goldberg both of whom said to “vote your conscience” and not support the best President we’ve had in over 30 years. Enough is enough!

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