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Goutam Jois

Jois calls bullshit on Lance position

By David Wildstein, February 26 2018 1:07 pm

Democratic congressional candidate Goutam Jois says that Rep. Leonard Lance’s new position on gun violence is bullshit.

“After the school massacre in Parkland, Leonard Lance jumped on the gun safety bandwagon and said the CDC should study gun violence — except he had repeatedly voted to block bills to allow that research and refused to co-sponsor legislation in his own subcommittee that would do exactly that,” Jois said in an e-mail to supporters today.

Jois said that he called out the five-term congressman on his hypocrisy, and “after a week of public shaming, Leonard Lance finally did the right thing. On Friday, he became the 131st co-sponsor of the Gun Violence Research Act.

“I’m not afraid of the NRA and I don’t need to be shamed into standing up to the gun lobby. Like Emma Gonzalez, we call BS on this entire approach to politics,” said Jois. “The way we crush the NRA’s dangerous agenda that puts profits over lives is by voting out their enablers.”

Jois criticized the idea that students are taught to run around, scream, and throw things at a shooter so in the extra 10 seconds it takes to murder them, other kids are able to escape.:

“This is not the world we should be living in, and I won’t stand for half measures, so the next school shooting has only 8 victims instead of 17,” Jois stated.  “We call BS.”

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