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Antony Ghee

Ghee endorsed by Chatham GOP Chairman

By David Wildstein, February 23 2018 10:28 am

Republican congressional candidate Antony Ghee has picked up fourth Morris County endorsement in three days, with Chatham Township Municipal Chairman and Councilman Tayfun Selen endorsing him.

Ghee, who entered the race on Tuesday, has moved quickly into Assemblyman Jay Webber’s home county with endorsements from Webber’s running mate, Assemblywoman Betty Lou DeCroce, and from former Morris County GOP chairs John Sette and Lois Johnson.

“I immigrated to America with the idea that one day my family and I would have a better life here than in Turkey. I read that in order to live the ‘American Dream’ all you had to do was work hard, follow the rules and you would be successful. I did just that, and today I am able to provide my family a better life, run a successful small business, and see our daughter go off to college. I am living the American Dream I came here for,” said Selen, who was the Republican candidate for State Assembly in the 27th district last year. “This year’s election is about making sure that my daughter, her generation, and those to come have the same opportunities for success that I and those before me had. We can’t rest on our past successes and simply hope to coast to victory. Now is the time to send the message that it is no longer business as usual in the Republican Party.”

Selen says he finds Ghee’s life story compelling.

“Antony has built a life for himself and his family based on values we all share and relate to. He has fought through adversity because he believed that from that same adversity comes strength. Tony has what it takes to be our next congressman because his life experiences have taught him what America is about. I have complete confidence in Tony to be our congressman because he knows what it means to live the American Dream.”

Ghee pointed out the similarities between himself and Selen.

“Growing up I always believed that there was only one country in the world where it didn’t matter where you came from to determine where you would end up. That is why I made sure that no one was going to out work me to get to my goals. Little did I know that Tayfun had the same idea. Tayfun’s story is what makes America the greatest country on Earth. Our lives are the embodiment of American values,” said Ghee.

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