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Peter DeNeufville

DeNeufville loans campaign almost $190,000

By Nikita Biryukov, May 25 2018 12:40 pm

House candidate Peter DeNeufville poured almost $190,000 of his own money into his campaign since April, bringing in the most cash of any Republican candidate over that period.

DeNeufville, in the first campaign finance report he has released thus far, raised $201,971.67 between April 1 and May 16, with the vast majority coming from three loans, totaling $188,164.87 in value, the candidate gave to his own campaign.

DeNeufville spent most of that money, reporting a relatively meager $18,060.17, but that’s hardly a barrier for DeNeufville, who told The Globe in early April that he was prepared to dump virtually any amount of money into his campaign.

That fact showed in DeNeufville’s spending. The candidate, a latecomer to the race to replace retiring Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, appeared to spend his money as fast as he could, paying out large sums for consulting and media buys.

The self-funder spent $103,414.06 on placed media buys, with the payments going to two firms, Ascent Media, LLC and Medium Buying, LLC. He also spent more than $30,000 on consulting and roughly $10,000 on a direct mailing campaign.

While the amount of money DeNeufville received in donations – $12,975 – was a tiny slice of the money his campaign accrued since April, he managed to outpace a number of the candidates in that realm.

While donations to DeNeufville fell those to behind Assemblyman Jay Webber and banker Tony Ghee, who respectively raised $166,269 and $22,545 this period, he outpaced the fundraising of Patrick Allocco and Martin Hewitt, who brought in a meager $5,900 and $3,640 over the last month and a half.

Webber still beats out DeNeufville in total cash raised for the cycle, with $401,642 brought in since the start of the campaign. Ghee has raised $87,295 since he entered the race.

On the Democratic side, narrowly edged out Mitchell Cobert’s $12,927.50 in fundraising, while Tamara Harris raised $27,342 and loaned her campaign $100,000.

Sherrill brought in $463,907 this period and spent $338,812.29, more than any of the other candidates raised.

Democrats Alison Heslin and Mark Washburne have not yet filed disclosure documents, which were due yesterday, but Washburne has previously said that he does not intend to raise money during the primary.

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