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Goutam Jois

Jois repays $100,000 personal campaign loan

None of the money loaned by candidate got spent.

By Nikita Biryukov, July 16 2018 11:25 am

Goutam Jois’s now-defunct campaign has repaid a $100,000 personal loan that Jois made out-of-pocket.

According to FEC filings, Jois’s loan accounted for a little more than a third of the total funds the candidate pulled in during his run for the Democratic nomination in the seventh district.

While his fundraising figures fell short of those put up by Tom Malinowski, the former assistant secretary of state that won the Democratic nomination, Jois put up a respectable almost $300,000 raised throughout the campaign.

But, that figure includes the $100,000 loaned by Jois. He pushed the loans out in a number of installments in order to make up for spates of weak fundraising.

Such loans never got spent and appear to have been a maneuver to help win the support of the district’s party leaders, a that ploy seemed to have little success.

The district’s county chairs unanimously backed Malinowski after another candidate, Linda Weber, backed out of the race.

It’s not clear what his plans are for the future, but Jois still has $52,022.92 in his federal campaign account.

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