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Lisa McCormick, left, and Jim Devine. (Photo: Facebook).

McCormick files suspect challengers across state

One challenger is dead, another doesn’t live in New Jersey

By David Wildstein, May 25 2018 1:54 pm

Lisa McCormick, who is challenging Bob Menendez in the Democratic U.S. Senate primary, has filed challengers in every county, filling every possible slot.

But it appears that some of her challengers aren’t legitimate.  Take Caitlyn Lipyanka, a teacher from Bayonne.  She passed away last month

While it’s possible that McCormick, who is the common law wife of controversial Democratic operative James Devine, got Lipyanka to agree to help her on June 5 before her death, there are other challengers filed by McCormick that look more suspect.

Among the challengers filed by McCormick are Menendez supporters like: former Camden Mayor Dana Redd; Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles; Susan Ragheb, an aide to Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravallotti; Greenwich Councilman Anthony Chila; former congressional candidate David Cole; and Amanada Mazzeo, the daughter of Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo.

McCormick also filed for challenger credentials on behalf of Marc Lowenstein, who no longer lives in New Jersey.

Filing challengers in all 21 counties is a massive undertaking – and more difficult considering that there is no evidence that McCormick has raised any money.  McCormick has not filed any reports with their Federal Election Commission – not even a declaration of candidacy – according to their website.

McCormick has not filed a personal financial disclosure with the United States Senate.  She would only be required to do that if she has raised at least $5,000.

McCormick did not immediately respond to a request for comment at 1:19 PM.

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  1. My son got one of these notices today. He is active military, out of state on his second tour. Not sure what to do with this!

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