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Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis. (Photo: Keith Davis).

Davis will seek new term as Atlantic GOP chairman

Points to record of winning elections

By David Wildstein, April 14 2018 4:04 pm

Keith Davis is getting ready to seek re-election as Atlantic County Republican Chairman despite the threat of a possible challenge from former Galloway mayor Don Purdy.

Davis says that if Purdy enters the race, he’ll suggest a debate in front of the full county committee and encourage a discussion of the issues in the race to head county GOP.

“I’ll talk about my record,” said Davis, whose party has majority control of the Board of Freeholders and has occupied the County Executive office since 1979.  “I’ll talk about Don’s record in Galloway Township, and I’ll ask him what he’ll do differently.”

Since becoming county chairman in 2006, Davis says he has had “many more victories than defeats.”  He notes that Republicans hold majorities on local governing bodies in 18 of 24 towns, and that Republican picked up a State Senate seat last year.

Atlantic County Republicans have maintained control of county government even though Democrats have an edge in voter registration, 60,032 to 45,982.

“Republicans need intelligence and stability in Atlantic County,” Davis said.  “I have confidence in the county committee.”

Purdy lost his bid for a third term in 2017, finishing seventh in a field of eight candidates.  Democrats picked up three of the four seats on the township council last year.  He told the New Jersey Globe on Friday that he expects to challenge Davis and will make an announcement early next week.

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