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Former Galloway Mayor Don Purdy. (Photo: Don Purdy).

Ex-mayor seeking support for Atlantic GOP chairman

Purdy expected to challenge Keith Davis

By David Wildstein, April 13 2018 6:49 pm

Former Galloway Mayor Don Purdy is preparing to challenge Keith Davis for Atlantic County Republican Chairman.

“We’re exploring it right now,” Purdy told the New Jersey Globe.  “It looks like something we’re going to do.”

Purdy has been making phone calls to Republican municipal chairs and says he’s receiving considerable encouragement to run.  He expects to make a formal announcement early next week.

“Atlantic County is looking for the ability to grow our party,” Purdy said. “Keith Davis has done a good job.  He’s a smart guy, a good guy.  But this area took a haircut in the last election.  Sometimes you’ve got to change the coach.”

Purdy lost his seat on the Galloway council last fall and says that while Democrats pumped considerable cash into the campaign of his opponents, the county GOP organization provided the Republican ticket with no financial support.

“It’s not a reflection on him,” Purdy said of Davis.  “We need new leadership.”

Davis has served as county chairman since 2005 and spent four years as chairman of the New Jersey Republican County Chairman’s Association – the chair of the chairs.  He helped Assemblyman Chris Brown unseat incumbent State Sen. Colin Bell, giving the GOP the Atlantic County Senate seat for the first time since 2007.

Purdy spent eight years in local government, seven as mayor.  He is an ally of former Assemblyman Vincent Polistina, who tried to oust Davis in 2014 but ended up not running at all.

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