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Pete Buttigieg. Photo by Gage Skidmore

Buttigieg coming to New Jersey

Democratic presidential candidate will attend Summit fundraiser next month

By David Wildstein, January 22 2020 3:59 pm

Pete Buttigieg will be in Summit on February 5 to raise money for his presidential campaign.

The event will be limited to 150 persons, with $250 and $500 tickets already sold out, according to Lacey Rzeszowski, one of the organizers of the fundraiser.

For donors willing to cough up $1,500 or more, a photo with Buttigieg will be included.

“He can flip those key states with flagging industrial economies. He will be invincible in a head to head against Trump,” Rzeszowski said in an e-mail.  “Buttigieg has the charisma, the momentum, the policies, and the endurance for the long haul.”

Buttigieg was in New Jersey on December 12 for a fundraising appearance in Bergen Count that resulted in a six-figure haul.


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