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PreJoe Biden. Photo by Gage Skidmore

Biden coming to New Jersey

Fundraiser scheduled for Montclair on March 20

By David Wildstein, March 09 2020 6:19 pm

Former Vice President Joe Biden will be in New Jersey on March 20 for a high dollar fundraiser at the Montclair home of Bobbi Brown and Steve Pflofker.

Tickets are at $2,800 per person.

The fundraiser is being hosted by Michael Dupont and Rob Garrison, who have been leading the New Jersey Biden campaign.

Other hosts include:former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Michael Blumenthal and Barbara Blumenthal; former State Sen. Gordon MacInnes (D-Morris Township) and Blair MacInnes; former Commissioner of Human Services Tim Carden and Amy Rosen; Angelo Genova; Victor Herlinky; Shanna Jafri; Michael Kempner; Wendy and Andrew Lacey; Bob Feinberg; Christiana Foglio; Mark Angelson; and Dr. Dorothy Cantor.

Biden Event 3.20 NJ
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