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Gov. Chris Christe. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe)

Christie institute announces planned scholarships

Former governor’s policy organization to provide financial aid for students seeking careers in public policy

By Nikita Biryukov, January 22 2020 2:52 pm

Former Gov. Chris Christie’s public policy institute and Seton Hall University’s law school announced an agreement to provide scholarships or fund a loan forgiveness programs for students who wish to pursue careers in public service.

“I am thrilled that our newly-formed Institute will not just provide insightful bi-partisan dialogue about matters of national importance but will also benefit the students of this great Law School,” Christie said.  “Our team looks forward to a long and significant relationship with my alma mater, Seton Hall Law School.”

The Christie Institute for Public Policy will also work to coordinate externships meant to prepare students for public policy careers.

So far, Christie’s institute has hosted a talk featuring New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and has planned another with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

“The Christie Institute will bring exciting conversations with world-renowned speakers to our campus,” Seton Hall President Joseph Nyre said. “The Institute’s commitment to supporting our law students will provide an immediate benefit to those individuals. The Lecture Series enhances Seton Hall’s work to cultivate great minds by engaging with the great conversations and challenges of our time.”

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  1. The christie institute for big mouths is awaring scholarships? Probably from the 15 mil that he stole from the poor people of malaysia

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