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Biden leads Warren, Sanders in South Carolina primary, poll says

Booker favorables at 51%-11% — one of two Democrats to increase net favorables over last three months

By David Wildstein, October 23 2019 12:00 pm

Joe Biden has a 33%-16% lead over Elizabeth Warren among likely voters in the South Carolina Democratic primary, with Bernie Sanders in third place with 12% in a new Monmouth University poll released today.

Cory Booker is in 7th place with 2% in South Carolina, but the poll has some good news for him.

Booker’s favorables among likely primary voters is at 51%-11%, and is one of two candidates to see a net favorable gain in South Carolina since the July Monmouth poll.

Biden’s net favorables have gone down by 6%, Warren’s by 4%, and Sanders by 5%, while Booker has gone up by 3%.  Kamala Harris’ South Carolina favorables have plummeted from 64%-6% to 51%-19%.

Tom Steyer, a late entrant into the Democratic presidential race, has seen his net favorables jump from 4% to 15%.

Booker still trails Harris (6%), Steyer (4%), and Pete Buttigieg (3%).  Amy Klobuchar and Andrew Yang are tied with Booker at 2%.

“Biden is still in a pretty good position in South Carolina, but there are some signs that he might not have a true firewall among black voters,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.  “If he does not do well in the earlier contests in February, there may be potential for current preferences to shift here.”

According to the poll, South Carolina Democrats appear to be unmoved by claims that Biden pressured the government of the Ukraine to block an investigation into his son.

“The issues around Biden and his son brought up in the Ukraine investigation do not seem to be having a significant impact on South Carolina Democrats right now.  But some voters do seem to be worried about where this all might lead and how Biden is handling the controversy,” said Murray.

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