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Former Vice President Joe Biden. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Monmouth Poll: Biden leads Sanders in Michigan

By Nikita Biryukov, March 09 2020 1:56 pm

Former Vice President Joe Biden holds a lead over U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in Michigan, according to a Monmouth University poll released Monday.

Just over half, 51%, of voters told pollsters they’d back Biden, while 36% said they would vote for Sanders.

“Biden appears to have the advantage because he is doing well among some groups that Sanders won four years ago. But as we learned in 2016, Michigan can defy expectations,” Monmouth poll director Patrick Murray said.

Biden holds leads among white and non-white voters, women and voters over the age of 50.

Men and voters below the age of 50 prefer Sanders.

Both of the candidates hold a lead over President Donald Trump in the state. Biden is projected to beat Trump 48%-41%, while Sanders has a statistically-similar 46%-41% lead.

Trump won the state by a 10,704-vote margin in 2016.

“Michigan’s margin was razor thin in 2016 and the state is looking to be close again in 2020. There may be a little slippage in Trump’s vote from four years ago, but this is all within the margin of error right now,” Murray said.

Editor’s Note: The foundation of the New Jersey Globe is local news.  We cover the presidential campaign mostly as it affects New Jersey and polling that involves New Jersey-based pollsters, like Monmouth University.

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