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Jersey City NAACP opposes short-term rental ban

By Nikita Biryukov, October 23 2019 12:10 pm

The Jersey City branch of the NAACP announced its opposition to a ballot measure that would ban short term rentals in New Jersey’s second largest city.

“By targeting the 70 percent of Jersey City residents who are tenants — the majority of whom are people of color — this ban amounts to nothing more than economic discrimination, plain and simple,” Jersey City NAACP President Nathaniel Legay said. “Even worse, it will promote the Tale of Two Cities that has long existed here, satisfying the few while leaving the rest of us who rely on the short-term rental economy hung out to dry.”

The ban’s backers have argued that short term rentals like those negotiated through services like Airbnb increase rents for city residents and reduce the amount of affordable housing.

It’s opponents, including short-term rental giant Airbnb, have contested those claims and poured significant funds into fighting the ban.

 “Along with our strong belief in the importance of this issue, we feel especially called to stand up for justice now, given the ugly political harassment that short-term rental hosts of color have experienced throughout this campaign, simply for speaking out for their rights and livelihoods-and their right to vote,” Legay said. “When we fight, we win — and that’s why we are calling on Jersey City to join us in voting no this November.”

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3 thoughts on “Jersey City NAACP opposes short-term rental ban

  1. Jersey City is the same town that makes a taxpayer buy a parking permit but penalizes them $110 a pop for not having one. With Parking agents working Monday thru Sunday all the way until 11:00 p.m. Giving out tickets day and night and then to top it off there is no universal permit you have to have a certain numbered zone to avoid getting a ticket. Developers who keep getting tax breaks keep building with more people coming with no place to park. Jersey City won’t make developers pay but they make you pay for being a resident with a car. We know who this ballot targets because most people in the Hamilton Park area support it. No one can afford $1,700 to $4000 rents. The prices houses are selling for and being rented for is outrageous. The properties are overvalued and many of them have a tiny square for a back yard. When they did the reval my friend’s mortgage payment went up $500. You tell me who the mayor and his crew are targeting. When people start leaving Jersey City in droves even the million dollar brownstone owners won’t be able to keep this town afloat. Rent in this town is too high. Make rent affordable in all areas.

  2. This doesn’t make any sense on its face, I feel the NAACP chapter is either misinformed or perhaps tainted. Voting yes puts restrictions in place to limit rentals. The average airbnb renter can still do their thing—the limits are for outsiders, nonresidents, using Airbnb as a cover to be an unlicensed hotel. This activity is jacking up our real estate, overcrowding our public transportation, and filling our neighborhoods with unaccountable strangers.

  3. My favorite part of this article is that it is entirely quotations from other people. Zero reporting.

    I honestly wonder if this “writer” was even paid for this piece, or whether they’re a high school student looking to boost their resume.

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