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Mike Kelly miscalculates impeachment poll

Bergen Record columnist doesn’t correct mistake in column

By David Wildstein, January 28 2020 5:40 pm

The Bergen Record’s Mike Kelly appears to have misunderstood a Washington Post poll, but hasn’t moved to correct his error – almost as if facts don’t matter to the tetchy opinion-giver.

In a column about former Bergen County GOP chairman Bob Yudin supporting Donald Trump’s removal, the frequently sloppy Kelly cited the Post poll that 83% of Democrats supported impeachment.

Kelly seemingly understands the trick of subtracting 83 from 100 and determined that “17%” of Republicans think that Trump should be removed – as if the GOP made up just 17% of voters nationwide.

But the actual poll he referenced — and linked to in his column — shows that 88% of Republicans oppose Trump’s removal and just 9% believe the Senate should oust him. That puts the crotchety Kelly’s numbers off by more than 88% — a significant error.

The New Jersey Globe reached out to Kelly at 9:13 PM on Monday with a request for comment, but he has not immediately responded.

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One thought on “Mike Kelly miscalculates impeachment poll

  1. Again with the seemingly petty comments at established media, I get that you’re mad at how they treated you during Bridgegate, but I don’t think these little jabby articles accomplish anything. Especially for an excellent political news site who otherwise is on the ball.

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