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Bergen Record columnist Mike Kelly. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Mike Kelly intended to email his editor, but sent it to the NJ Globe

Bergen Record columnist seemingly goofs, emails the wrong guy

By David Wildstein, January 30 2020 12:44 pm

In response to a New Jersey Globe report that Bergen Record columnist Mike Kelly was a bit sloppy with his use of polling numbers, Kelly appears to have accidentally replied to the Globe in an email that he may have intended to be forwarded to his editor.

The issue at hand was a column he wrote last weekend claiming that 17% of Republicans “believe (Donald) Trump should be removed from office.”

Kelly’s column linked to a Washington Post poll that showed 88% of Republicans oppose the removal of Trump and just 9% want him gone.

The Globe sought comment from Kelly at 9:13 PM on Monday, but he did not respond to the email request.  The Globe story was published at 5:40 PM on Tuesday after waiting a generous amount of time for him to reply.

The Record changed the link to polling data in Kelly’s Saturday column at 10:54 this morning to a story in a different publication that cited a Hill-HarrisX poll from more than two weeks ago that had GOP support for Trump’s removal at 17%.

Two things are noteworthy in The Record’s edit: they switched their link to a poll that was in the field on January 8-9, before the Senate impeachment trial began – the Washington Post/ABC News poll initially referenced was conducted on January 20-23, nearly two weeks later;  and there was no explanation to readers as to why the link was changed.

In an email addressed to “Ed” – presumably Bergen Record senior director of opinion Ed Forbes – Kelly writes: “Here is the email Wildstein sent to me on Monday night. I saw it in passing on Tuesday as I was on the ground in Wildwood, but, frankly, had no time to study it because I was so busy. I did not see his NJ Globe posting about me until this morning.”

Kelly’s email continues, “Had Wildstein telephoned me, I certainly would have given this more attention on Monday or Tuesday.  But I have no record on my cell phone that he called at any time this week. There are no missed calls from him, no voicemail messages. Nor are there any text messages from him to me. And another thing:  If he was so concerned with this, why didn’t he just call the news room and ask for a comment.  I’m guessing he did not do that either. “

“I hope you can send him something ASAP and demand a correction by him.  Pls send me a copy before you hit send.  This post by him about me is flat-out malicious,” Kelly concluded.

The Globe followed Kelly’s own practice of reaching out for comment by email and not by telephone or text message.  Kelly and several other Bergen Record reporters have reached out to this writer several times over the last nine months only by email.

The Record newsroom is not open in the evening.

Email from Mike Kelly, addressed to “Ed,” that was sent to New Jersey Globe editor David Wildstein on January 30, 2020.
Email from David Wildstein to Mike Kelly on January 27, 2020.
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