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Lumberton mayor and former Democratic Assembly candidate Gina LaPlaca. (Photo by Nikita Biryukov for the New Jersey Globe).

Where local races stand in Burlington County

By Joey Fox, November 03 2021 3:37 pm


Three incumbent Democratic Beverly councilmen, Robert Bancroft, Riccardo Dale, and Robert Lowden, have all won re-election with between 27 and 29 percent of the vote each. They faced a singular Republican, Sandra Buckley, for the three seats.

Bordentown Township

Bordentown Township Mayor Steve Benowitz and Deputy Mayor Eric Holliday, both Democrats, lead their Republican challengers by slim margins. Benowitz is at 26% of the vote and Holliday at 25.5%, while Nicholas D’Angelo is netting 24.7% and Robert Delaney is at 23.8%; the difference between Holliday and D’Angelo is currently only 58 votes.

Burlington City

Three Democrats – Councilman George Chachis, Jason Smith, and Xavier Roque – were elected to the Burlington City Council; Chachis and Smith were unopposed, while Roque beat Republican Miguel Cunha 57-42%. Also victorious was Councilwoman Helen Hatala, who won unopposed as an independent.


Democratic Chesterfield Committeeman Shreekant Dhopte is trailing his Republican opponent, Belinda Blazic, 46-54% in a likely loss for Democrats.


Cinnaminson Mayor Albert Segrest and Committeeman Albert Segrest appear to have beaten two Democratic challengers, Brian Turner and Brent Lee, 28-28-22-22% for two seats on the Cinnaminson Township Committee. 


Delanco voters are currently delivering a split result for township committee, with Democratic Mayor Mike Templeton leading with 26.5% but Republican candidate Matthew Bartlett close behind at 25.5% to hold a second seat for his party. Republican Phillip McFadden has 25.1% and Democrat Michelle Carlos has 22.8%, margins that could still shift when the remaining outstanding votes are counted.


Democratic Councilman Marlowe Smith has won a full term on the township committee after facing no opponents.

Edgewater Park

Democratic incumbents Kevin Johnson and Michael Trainor have won re-election to the Edgewater Park Township Committee unopposed. 


Fieldsboro Mayor David Hansell, a Democrat, won re-election unopposed, while Republican Timothy Tyler and Democrat Andrew Weber narrowly lead Democrat Amy Telford for two spots on the borough council, 33.9-33.6-31.9%.


In Florence Township’s Ward 1, Democratic Councilman Frank Baldorossi won re-election unopposed; in Ward 2, Republican Nicholas Haas is leading Democrat John Fratinardo 53-47%; and in Ward 3, Democrat Kristan Marter has defeated Republican incumbent Jerry Sandusky 61-39%.


Hainesport Committeeman Gerard Clauss, a Republican, has defeated Democratic challenger Anna Evans 55-45%. 


Democrats have likely fended off a Republican attempt to flip two seats on the Lumberton Township Committee. Committeewoman Kendra Hatfield and fellow Democrat Robert Rodriguez lead with 26.6% of the vote each, while Republicans James Conway and Donna Aromando trail with 23.4% each.


Republicans Marcial Mojena and Brian Sisz have likely defeated two independent candidates, Amy Wright and Frank Pinto, for two seats on the Mansfield Township Committee. Mojena has 27.5% and Sisz 27.0%, while Wright and Pinto are behind at 22.7% and 22.6%.


Medford Mayor Chuck Watson, Deputy Mayor Erik Rebstock, and Donna Symons, all Republicans, held three township council seats for their party, defeating Democratic candidates Key Harris, Britani Raynor, and Erik Bjorn. The three Republicans each received around 20% of the vote, to the Democrats’ 13%.


Democratic Councilman Quinton Law narrowly leads his Republican opponent, Vick Bobadilla, 52-48% to fill the remainder of an unexpired term on the Moorestown Township Council.

Mount Holly

Democrat Tara Astor has held a seat on the Mount Holly Council for her party, defeating independent candidate Richard DiFolco with 84% of the vote.

New Hanover

New Hanover Deputy Mayor Rick Koshak and Committeeman Patrick Murphy, both Republicans, defeated independent Linda Lisiewski to retain their spots on the township committee.

North Hanover

Incumbent Democratic Committeemen Brendan O’Donnell and John Kocubinski were both re-elected without opposition.


Palmyra Council President Timothy Howard and Councilwoman Michelle McCann, both Democrats, were re-elected unopposed.

Pemberton Borough

Republicans Nick Conner and Andrea Martin are narrowly leading in two Pemberton Borough Council seats over Democrats Steven Fenster, an incumbent councilman, and Robert Briggs. Conner has 26.6% of the vote, Martin has 26.4%, and Fenster and Briggs are behind with 23.4% and 23.7%, respectively.

Also on the ballot in Pemberton was an election for an unexpired council term, which was won by Republican Melissa Tettemer without opposition.


Four candidates are locked in an extremely tight race for Riverside Township Committee. Republican Matthew Kirk leads with 26.07%, while the other three candidates are separated by only one vote: Democratic incumbent Robert Giovanetti has 24.66%, and both Republican Nathaniel Gilbert and Democrat Todd Moreland are at 24.62%.


Incumbent Riverton Councilmembers Bill Corbi and Julie Scott, both Republicans, appear to have beaten their Democratic challengers, though not by an overwhelming margin. Both Corbi and Scott have 26.7% of the vote, while Democrat Katie Lucas has 23.9% and her running mate Sharon Stokes has 22.7%.


Non-incumbent Republicans Brian Woods and Christopher Zehnder both won seats on the Shamong Township Committee unopposed.


Republican incumbents Ronald Heston and Bill Raftery have won re-election to the Southampton Township Committee without opposition.


Committeeman Samuel Moore and newcomer Matthew Baals have both won unopposed as Republicans for terms on the Tabernacle Township Committee.


Washington Township Committeeman C. Leigh Gadd, Jr., a Republican, has been re-elected unopposed.


Westampton Township Committeeman Anthony DeSilva and committee candidate Nancy Burkley were elected unopposed alongside one another – notable because DeSilva is a Democrat and Burkley is a Republican. Neither party fielded a candidate against the other, allowing the two candidates to be elected together, although DeSilva still got 700 more votes than Burkley.


Willingboro Councilmembers Nathaniel Anderson and Rebecca Perrone were easily re-elected with nearly 50% of the vote each; the paltry remaining 3% went to independent Tony John.


Woodland Committeeman Mark Herndon, a Republican, was re-elected unopposed.


The borough council in tiny Wrightstown, population 724, re-elected four incumbent council members unopposed, including three Republicans – Donna Carroll, Donald Cottrell, and Joseph Craig – and one Democrat, Laurance Lownds.

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