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From left, Mountainside Mayor Paul Mirabella, Donna Pacifico and Councilman Rene Dierkas.

Republicans lead in Mountainside with 76 uncounted votes

Democrat Gomez has a very narrow path to victory.

By Nikita Biryukov, November 07 2019 12:35 pm

Republicans are poised to retain two seats on the Moutainside Council Tuesday, defeating a lone challenge from Democrat Carlos Gomez.

The unofficial vote tally has Gomez trailing Republican Donna Pacifico by 50 votes, 1,152-1,202.

The New Jersey Globe has learned that just 76 provisional ballots were cast in Mountainside.

With Republican Councilman Rene Dierkas leading the contest with 1,257 votes, there’s only a slim chance of Gomez winning a seat on the council.

At best, Gomez could win with 54 votes, though because voters cast ballots for two candidates, he may need more.

Republican Mayor Paul Mirabella was re-elected with 1,340 votes, easily beating independent candidate Charles Brown’s 498.

Democrats did not run a mayoral candidate.

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