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Republicans hold Mountainside

Dildogate not enough to secure a win for Democratic challengers

By Nikita Biryukov, November 06 2018 9:36 pm

Republican candidates kept control of the solidly-red town of Mountainside after a lawsuit with salacious allegations about misconduct in the police department there, some of which involved a sex toy dubbed “big blue” upended the campaign.

Councilman Bob Messler will serve another term, while Republican Municipal Committeewoman Rachel Pater will join the Council as a freshman replacing Councilwoman Wendy Fech-Caccamo, who backed out of the race in September for unspecified health reasons.

The race was closer than usual: just 306 votes separated Pater, the top vote-getter, from Mehrota, who finished fourth.

Democratic candidates Anjali Mehrotra and Ileana Montes centered their campaign around Dildogate, but that proved insufficient to flip the borough, where Republicans hold the mayorship and every seat on the Council.

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