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Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla. Photo by Nikita Biryukov for the New Jersey Globe.

State Dem LGBTQ caucus calls on Bhalla, slate to condemn blog post

Blog targeted gay councilman

By Nikita Biryukov, September 30 2019 3:50 pm

The State Democratic LGBTQ caucus called on Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla, Migdalia Pagan-Milano and the rest of the mayor’s council candidates to denounce a blog post attacking Councilman Mike DeFusco, calling the post an attack on the councilman’s sexuality.

“The use of homophobic and disturbing language against anyone, including an openly gay councilman, cannot be dismissed or tolerated in any of our neighborhoods,” said Lauren Albrecht, Chair of the New Jersey State Democratic LGBTQ Caucus. “Comments like this are purposely intended to make negative and passive inferences to the LGBTQ community and only aim to set us back in the progress we have made to achieve true equality.”

The blog post appeared on blog run by Nancy Pincus, who was paid $1,200 by Bhalla’s 2017 mayoral campaign for printing campaign literature and designing palm cards.

Pincus’ blog is not monetized, and she said she was not paid for the post, which she claimed was satire.

“This fact-challenged, slanted article reads like a DeFusco campaign press release. My blog posts never ‘target gays — utterly libelous.  The blog post satirized selfies the councilman posted on his OFFICIAL, not personal, social media accounts, like a shirtless Vladimir Putin or a Christie on the beach,” Pincus said. “No aspersions were made to his sexuality. None.  Had Mayor Zimmer posted bikini shots on her OFFICIAL social media account she would have been held up to ridicule by me.”

Bhalla did not immediately respond to a 2:02 p.m. call and voice mail message seeking comment.

The blog took aim at DeFusco, who is gay, over a series of social media posts the councilman made about his exercise routine.

“What next?  Chin-ups on the men’s room stall?  Arm-pit sniffing?  Oh, we are enthralled,” the blog post read. “Clearly, the First Ward incumbent has disposable time for a Facebook lifestyle diary, while his opponent Migdalia Pagan-Milano has none.”

Pagan-Milano is one of five council candidates Bhalla is backing this year. She is also gay.

“Mayor Bhalla is irrelevant to this story.  Any association that Bhalla ‘owns’ what I write is a DeFusco campaign talking point.  Must be a slow news day,” Pincus said. “Thin-skinned, intolerant to all criticism,  DeFusco illegally blocks constituents from commenting on his social media, and now he is trying to silence my voice with this #fakenews smear campaign.”

The New Jersey Globe did not suggest Bhalla owned or operated Pincus’s blog.

DeFusco and Bhalla have been at odds since 2017, when Bhalla beat DeFusco for the city’s mayorship.

“It’s an open secret that Nancy Pincus works alongside the Mayor to promote his political agenda on her blog, but using any platform to share remarks that intentionally offend the LGBTQ community is simply unacceptable,” said Councilman Mike DeFusco. “Over the past four years, I’ve been proud to work alongside the administration to advance equality in Hoboken with progressive legislation and open conversations.”

Editor’s Note: This story was updated at 10:03 a.m. It was updated again with comment from Pincus at 12:13 p.m.

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9 thoughts on “State Dem LGBTQ caucus calls on Bhalla, slate to condemn blog post

  1. Utter bullshit, a hit job for Sacco’s Hoboken puppet. The Grafix Avenger blog post was not “homophobic” – if you bothered to read it. It was satire on Defusco’s vanity-selfies he posts on his OFFICIAL social media. And your hack author failed to mention that the council candidate Pincus supports, Migdalia Pagan Milano, is openly lesbian. So much for “homophobic”. I guess that’s why your hack reporter didn’t post a link to the actual article–here it is:

    1. DeFusco’s #fakenews internet clowns are having a field day, I see. Any fool with a keyboard can post anonymous smears. Those armed with truth don’t hide behind fake names. Let one of Hoboken’s most well known, credible LGBTQ activists speak truth to DeFusco press release–paid for with PAC and Union donations above Hoboken’s $500 P2P limit.

  2. I call utter Bs on Grafix Avengers response. She uses multiple homophobic slurs to bash Defusco. She has had problems in the past targeting Jewish people and issuing a death threat to a city councilman.

    Now because she is “behind” a lesbian candidate we are all supposed to feel ok. I call utter bullshit.

    1. That is Kurt Gardiner, a paid public official (sitting Commissioner on the North Hudson Sewerage authority) and political operative who obsessively cyberstalks this blogger- he is her former friend, current obsessed character assassin. Kurt must be careful not to cross the line as he has done recently with far-fetched accusations of murder, etc. In brief, dude is really unfit to serve on the NHSA and should be removed. As evidenced in his slime trail across cyberspace, NHSA Commissioner Gardiner he cannot comport himself with dignity of his public position, both in public and online, which is indicative of instability. Word has it that other NHSA Commissioners are unhappy with his offline activities and speak of his poor performance on the board.

    2. You’re right because this story doesn’t highlight the previous ugly homophobic attack on Mike DeFusco by Nancy Pincus where she did a “Got Milk” photo of him adding a glob of milk on his face. She called that innocent and yes, wait for it, satire.

      Here it’s more of the same. The photo Mike DeFusco published of himself is nowhere near any men’s room. It’s outdoors in Hoboken. Yet Nancy Pincus once again tries to deflect criticism by deeming it “satire” while she’s accusing DeFusco of climbing over a men’s room stall doing “pull-ups.” No satire to be found. It’s just an ugly accusation.

      If you asked how she keeps deflecting her slimy personal attacks against people this way, you aren’t alone. She does it in regular communication with the mayor’s office and her fabricated attacks are the norm against any council member who doesn’t bow a knee to the mayor. Dawn Zimmer the former mayor doesn’t approve of her past behavior. Ravi Bhalla, however, embraces it, paid her richly for very little work and currently, is bravely, in hiding.

      People like the NJ LGBTQ caucus have good reason to denounce Nancy Pincus here. She earned it.
      So when it comes to “Got Milk” for Defusco and the true ugly homophobic bigotry exhibited last week once again by Nancy Pincus in her typical raging hypocrisy, just more of the same. She’s 100% full of it.

      Let’s all join together New Jersey in denouncing Nancy Pincus.

      1. Interesting that two failed Hoboken bloggers, Kurt Gardiner (“Hoboken Resistance”) and renowned anti_Skih bigot Roman Brice (“No Ones Fooled”) are bringing their spurious, deefamtory smear campaign against Ms. Pincus to this site. Brice received worldwide condemnation from the Sikh community for posting a photoshop of Mayor Bhalla as an Arab (Muslim) Dictator. Why Does Michael DeFusco continue to use Mr. Brice’s racist site to post press releases? Here are a few links about the story, which ought to be covered by NJGlobe.

        First-ever Sikh Mayor in US faces racial attack

        First-ever Sikh Mayor in US faces racial attack

        http://thelinkpaper.ca/?p=73124 Racist Website Photoshops Image Of Sikh-American Mayor To Show Him As Arab Dictator
        Note further, Mr. Gardiner is a paid public official representing Hoboken on the North Hudson Sewerage.

  3. The article excludes mention of Councilman Defusco’s fundraising on behalf of the LGBT Caucus.


    Full disclosure of that kind of fact is standard practice for ANY organization rendering a formal negative or positive public opinion, and for ANY media reporting that opinion, and for ANY public official promoting that opinion.

    All 3 have failed to meet this minimal standard of transparency. Their intentions will be judged accordingly.

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