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Trenton City Councilwoman Robin Vaughn. (Photo: Facebook).

Report: Trenton councilwoman accuses colleague of ‘sucking mayor’s dick’

Robin Vaughn goes on homophobic tirade on COVID-19 briefing call

By David Wildstein, May 02 2020 10:46 pm

A Trenton city councilwoman accused a colleague of sucking openly-gay mayor Reed Gusciora’s dick during a homophobic tirade, according to a report from the theTrentionian

The Trentonian story says that Councilwoman Robin Vaughn became agitated after another councilman, Joseph Harrison, spoke out in support of Gusciora on a conference call intended as a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic. 

Vaughn also called Gusciora a pedophile, the newspaper reported in what reported Isaac Avilucea described as a “meltdown.”

The Trenton Republican municipal chair, Jennifer Williams, staunchly defended Gusciora.

Please know that Councilwoman Vaughn’s vile, homophobic comments and demeanor are her own,” Williams said.  “They are not representative of the citizens of our city. Mayor Gusciora and Councilman Joseph Harrison are good leaders and do not deserve her biased abuse.”

The first-term councilwoman is no stranger to controversies.

Last fall, Vaughn doubled down on her support of City Council President Kathy McBride’s use of an anti-semitic slur, saying that “Jew her down” was just a verb.

McBride  said that a lawyer representing the city in a personal injury claim was “able to wait her out and Jew her down” to settle the case at a lower amount during an executive session of the City Council on September 5.

The “jew her down” comment made national news.  Vaughn and her colleagues faced considerable criticism from Gov. Phil Murphy, U.S. Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker, and the entire state congressional delegation.

“My own West Ward Councilwoman not only did not apologize, she tripled down on her unbelievably tone deaf, discriminatory view of divisive language that is the antithesis of what we expect of individuals in this society, especially our elected officials,” Mercer County Freeholder Samuel Frisby said last year, suggesting that public office might not be a good fit for Vaughn.

Gusciora told the Trentonian that Vaugh’s comments “got out of hand.”

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