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Mercer County Freeholder Samuel T. Frisby

Frisby says public office might not be a good fit for Vaughn

Mercer Freeholder calls Vaughn ‘unbelievably tone deaf’

By David Wildstein, September 18 2019 5:40 pm

Mercer County Freeholder Samuel T. Frisby wants Trenton Councilwoman Robin Vaughn to apologize to her city and the entire state for insensitive comments that “Jew down” was a verb and not a discriminatory term.

Frisby, a Trenton Democrat, said he was disappointed by Council President Kathy McBride’s anti-Semitic statements, but is angered by Vaughn’s continued defense of the derogatory trope.

“I’m encouraged that both she (McBride) and Councilman George Muschal at least issued apologies and have publicly acknowledged the inappropriateness and hurtfulness of such discriminatory language such as this,” Frisby said.  “My own West Ward Councilwoman not only did not apologize, she tripled down on her unbelievably tone deaf, discriminatory view of divisive language that is the antithesis of what we expect of individuals in this society, especially our elected officials.”

Frisby says that if Vaughn really believes making derogatory comments about religious and ethic stereotypes are acceptable, that could be an indication of her own values and that maybe public office is not a good fit for her.

“The citizens of our city, county, and state expect us lead without prejudice,” Frisby says.  “When that becomes too challenging, we should relinquish our positions and let someone else take that seat.”

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